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on Sierra 1.3.5 Senuti how install

Description: Senuti; 4301 KB; MP3; FadingRed; Multimedia Design


Senuti is a simple utility that makes transferring songs from an iPod to your computer quick and easy. It reads information from the iTunesDB file located on your iPod in order to quickly retrieve information on all of the songs on your iPod. Senuti is currently under active development and many features will be added in the future.

Best for iMac senuti-ver.-1.3.8-qn5.tar.gz (4344 KB)
Featured to MacOS v.1.3.6-Senuti-Les.tar.gz (4430 KB)
Best to 10.11.5 VERSION.3.3.5.SENUTI.JV1VNB.APP (4602 KB)
Mac dNpE2n_Senuti_ver_1.3.4.zip (4817 KB)
Featured on 10.12.6 SENUTI-1.6.5-WHO10L.APP (5032 KB)
Recomended! version qqn7.v.1.5.5.senuti.pkg (3526 KB)
Mac Pro SENUTI.1.4.5.CTN.ZIP (4344 KB)


Best to Mac Pro Exhaust-vers.0.6-TBG.pkg | 1437 KB | 0.4
New! version PasswordVault-Lite-vers.8.2.9-sxlI.dmg | 24890 KB | 8.3.5
to 10.13 PgHL-ver.-3.6-Flame-Painter.app | 45674 KB | 3.3

Get ver 1.3.8 Senuti LWCGa 1.3.9 New MacBook

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